Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2 Verse 42

यामिमां पुष्पितां वाचं प्रवदन्त्यविपश्चितः ।
वेदवादरताः पार्थ नान्यदस्तीति वादिनः ॥२-४२॥

yam imam pushpitam vacham pravadanty avipashchitaha
vedavadarataha partha na anyad astiti vadinaha   ॥ 2-42 ॥



In Bhagavad Gita chapter 2 verse 42 Lord Krishna deals with apparent ignorance of Sakaam Karmi (one attached to fruits of karma performed). Lord Krishna has compared a Sakaam Karmi to human beings who failed to exercise power of discrimination, something every human being had been endowed with by grace of God Almighty. For a Sakaam karma Yogi, for a Karma Kandi, for a Mimamsaka… ultimate goal of life always remained reaching swarga (Heaven). For a Mimamsaka, nothing was nobler than reaching swarga (Heaven). All their efforts were directed towards reaching swarga in present life.


Mimamsakas, Karma Kandis’ believe that Vedas (Hinduism revelations) promote indulgence in yagna (sacrificial ritual) and this ultimately leads to swarga (Heaven). They use sugarcoated words that were tempting, attractive, pleasing not only to ears but intellect… swaying mankind towards path of swarga (Heaven). Such Sakaam Karmis’ always developed affinity towards material riches in life. Living in a make-believe, glossy… unnatural superficial world became their forte. Believers of yagna (rituals) were always full of worldly desires, contaminated in their thinking to core. They were totally ignorant of the fact that Vedas (Hinduism revelations) stood for Dharma (righteousness) and not rituals alone.


Present mammoth religious congregations all over India reflect this frame of mind. Religious seekers truly ran after short-term material gains, never wanting to realize the hidden abstract truths of life. Vedas are treated as shabda pramana (authentic). Shabda pramana means whatever is stated in Vedas does not need any further authentication as words contained in Vedas themselves were authentic, having been delivered to mankind directly from God Almighty. Sakaam Karmis’ also believed that none other scripture compared to Vedas. For welfare of mankind at large, it was only Vedas that need indulgence. As per Sakaam Karmis, Vedas were oriented towards true benefit of mankind at all stages of life.



The Explanation:

Lord Krishna addresses Arjuna thus… O Partha (son of Kunti): thou must realize the difference between Sakaam karma (hankering after fruits of karma performed) and nishkama karma (offering fruits of karma performed to God Almighty all the time). Sri Krishna advises Arjuna not to indulge in Vedas (Hinduism revelations) for sole purpose of reaching swarga (Heaven). So was not absolute truth. The purport of Vedas lay in reaching god, becoming a Tattva Jnani in present life.


As Mimamsakas, Karma Kandis’ think there was no fruit superior to swarga (heaven), Lord Krishna counters this by saying such thinking resulted from practicing ignorance in matters spiritual. Unless we exercised our power to discriminate, we could never contemplate on hidden underlying values of life. Even to understand Vedas (Hinduism revelations), path of nishkama karma yoga was mandated by god. As highest goal of life was not reaching swarga (Heaven) but reaching stage of moksha salvation, Lord Krishna advises Arjuna to look within to reach cosmic truths of life.


The roots of Moha (extreme emotional attachment) lay in path of Sakaam karma. If our goal of life was reaching god in present life… we had to think beyond rituals, path of Sakaam karma yoga! The apparent beauty of present physical manifest world was illusory. It creates delusion that supreme goal of life was reaching swarga (Heaven) and not God Almighty (Brahman in Hinduism). For a serious traveler of spiritual path discriminating between various scriptures of Hinduism was essential, an absolute must! We must realize it was teachings contained in Bhagavad Gita that led towards God Almighty and not ritualistic yagna of Vedas (Hinduism revelations).


There is a quote that says; whosoever desires reaching swarga must indulge in Som-Yagna. On the contrary Lord Krishna says that subject of all Vedas was he himself, Brahma Tattva existing in all living beings. To know Brahman, one needs knowing Lord Krishna, his teachings… his sayings! The divine knowledge… purport of Vedas was Lord Krishna, Dharmaraja himself! Lord Krishna says it is he who manifests through words of Vedas. As the ultimate purport of Vedas… was knowing Brahma Tattva, all efforts of Karma Kandis’ always went in vain! Why indulge in thoughts of swarga (Heaven)… when purport of all Vedas was reaching God in present life, reaching stage of moksha salvation forever.


Between swarga and moksha lay essence of entire spiritual life. Looking from allegorical point of view… Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita chapter 2 verse 42 summarizes those following rituals in their life were far from abstract truths of life. Rather than following rituals… we must look within. Why? Lord Krishna that existed within our heart as our soul atman, the spirit within always guided us on right path. When Lord Krishna within was willing to help us personally all the time, why waste time on rituals, the path followed by Mimamsakas, Sakaam karma yogis! By following path of logistics, using power of discrimination at each and every stage of life… we could distinguish truth from false all the time.


Human beings who did not believe in Lord Krishna existing within us feigned ignorance and this would jeopardize our spiritual journey. Lord Krishna… our soul atman, the spirit within is God Almighty existing within us in miniscule form! The goal of spiritual path was realizing our true inner self… realizing that we were a spiritual being, and not a manifest physical human form. We as a soul atman, the spirit within manifested human form to work out our karma, remove dross impurities within! This becomes possible when we travelled path of pure truthfulness to realize existence of Lord Krishna existing in our heart. Realizing presence of Lord Krishna in our heart is essence of human life.


Only those human beings reached god in their lifetime that recognized presence of Lord Krishna in our heart! All teachings contained in Bhagavad Gita, essence of all Vedas direct human beings towards only one subtle fact of life… recognizing presence of Sri Krishna within our heart at some stage of life. In the battle of Mahabharata, Lord Srikrishna wanted Arjuna to realize this absolute fact of life. The dross impurities within a soul atman can only be removed through path of contemplation, never otherwise! No matter how many times we read Bhagavad Gita or Vedas, unless we learnt to contemplate, we reached nowhere on spiritual path! The glitter of material world was not meant for travelers of spiritual path.


Sakaam karma yogis failed to realize that swarga (Heaven) was only an interim place for stay of souls’ atmans, when matching parents were not available on mother earth! After death of present body… if the soul atman does not find matching parents on mother earth… it hibernates in heaven or hell (swarga and naraka) based on residual balance of karma of that moment. In swarga (Heaven) if residual balance of karma is positive and hell (naraka)… if negative! Both heaven and hell exist in sun, heaven in core of sun where temperatures exceed millions of degrees centigrade. Hell exists in periphery of sun where temperatures were considerably less. Both swarga and naraka were not pure religious concepts. They exist in reality. It was only through path of contemplation we finally realized these cosmic truths of life.


Commentary by: Vijay Kumar “Atma Jnani”… The Man who Realized God in 1993 – Sep 29, 2014

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