Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2 Verse 13

देहिनोऽस्मिन्यथा देहे कौमारं यौवनं जरा ।
तथा देहान्तरप्राप्तिर्धीरस्तत्र न मुह्यति ॥२-१३॥

dehino ‘smin yatha dehe kaumaram yauvanam jara
tatha dehantarapraptirdhirastatra na muhyati. ॥ 2-13 ॥



In Bhagavad Gita chapter 2 verse 13 Lord Krishna enumerates happenings in life of a soul atman, the spirit within. How a soul atman, the spirit within differentiates from human body! As per Krishna, it is our soul atman, the spirit within that manifests human form and not vice versa!Human form, the body was not everlasting, perennial in nature but soul atman, spirit within was!


Similar as human beings experienced different stages of life like childhood, youth and old age… every soul atman, the spirit within also manifests different life forms one after another. As per Krishna… continuity of life was ingrained in cosmic system! The moment one life form extinguishes… the spirit within immediately manifests a new life form.


The soul atman being indestructible, it keeps manifesting different life forms after death of physical body. A wise man who exercises power of discrimination never gets distracted by Moha (deep emotional attachment)… knowing well one who comes unto earth will also die. Every life form keeps evolving from one stage to another based on residual balance of karma.


Life and death were part of cosmic design. Human beings had no role to play except indulge in good karma, positive karma to improve our present and future! Exercising restraint… a traveler of spiritual path finally realizes that death was a temporary phase in life of a soul atman, the spirit within. Why fear anything that was inevitable, unchangeable!



The Explanation

Bhagavad Gita chapter 2 verse 13 confirms continuity of life in cosmic system. In the cosmic system nothing ever dies. After death of physical manifest form… soul atman, the spirit within manifests a new life form based on residual balance of karma of that moment. Why fear death of one… when control of life rested in hands of our soul atman, the spirit within and not human self!


Manifestation after manifestation, body after body… every soul atman keeps manifesting new life forms only to remove dross impurities within. It was a cosmic fact that our soul atman, the spirit within was the ultimate master and controller of human life. It is not within powers of human beings to manifest a soul atman, the spirit within!


Similar as a student of class one promotes to class two, then three and four… every soul atman, the spirit within also keeps manifesting new life forms body after body! All the time… our soul atman, the spirit within remains the same. When in class two… we just could not say, the form that existed in class one has vanished! Rather we should say… it has evolved further!


Evolution was part of cosmic system. In absence of evolution… everything in cosmos would just decay and die. Every single life form in cosmos keeps evolving until it reaches last leg of cosmic life! Every soul atman initially starts its journey by manifesting form of amoeba (single cell formation)… the first manifestation in cosmic life cycle!


It further evolves into multi-cell formation, then insect life, plant life, animal life and finally forms of human beings! All these stages of life compare to different stages in life of human beings… the stage of childhood, youth and old age. In every stage… human being remains the same. Similarly in every stage of life… soul atman, the spirit within also remains the same.


The most surprising fact of human life is… at one point of time we as a soul atman, the spirit within had manifested different forms of insect life, plant life and animal life before manifesting human form for the first time. In human form itself we had 1.1 million different types of manifestations before human beings finally evolved to stage of a bodhi… an enlightened one!


Enlightenment is the highest stage of life to which human beings can evolve on mother earth, a life supporting planet. An enlightened being finally gains moksha salvation after death of body. This announces liberation of soul atman from cycle of birth and death forever. The liberated soul finally enters kingdom of god (Vaikuntha in Hinduism)… a point of no return!


When our soul atman, the spirit within was all-time governing… grieving by human beings on mother earth carried no meaning. It was only because of Moha (extreme emotional attachments), human beings failed to realize the transient nature of human form. As per Lord Krishna nothing on mother earth ever belonged to us.


In all stages and states of life… one must maintain equipoise. Lord Krishna advises Arjuna not to feel perturbed as those to whom he was bodily attached, after death of body would again manifest a new life. A wise person as per Lord Krishna always maintained balance when living or in death! As the two were two sides of the same coin.


Bhagavad Gita chapter 2 verse 13 reconfirms process of reincarnation; rebirth was part of cosmic life! Those who did not believe in afterlife were ignorant in matters spiritual. Reincarnation in simple words means… a soul atman, the spirit within manifesting a new life form after death of present body. This is what evolution was all about.


Through bhagavad gita chapter 2 verse 13 Lord Krishna conveys to Arjuna that mortal human form was just a medium, a manifest body to work out its karma… remove dross impurities within! Attachment to physical manifest form was the strongest of all form of bondages on mother earth. One had to cut across all forms of Moha (extreme emotional attachment) if one were to reach god in present life. As per Krishna… the attachment that Arjuna carried for maternal grandfather Bhishma Pitamah and Guru Dronacharya was whimsical… ephemeral, temporal!


Commentary by: Vijay Kumar “Atma Jnani”… The Man who Realized God in 1993 – Sep 6, 2014

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